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Re: Monitoring blood sugar

Originally Posted by MinkaK View Post
I test around 4 times a day and anytime I feel bad. When I first wake up and then 2 hrs after a meal. I also make sure to eat 2 snacks a day, so I can keep my levels even. I alternate hands, I find that pinky/ring fingers are the least sensitive for me. Make sure to get the side of your fingers, not the pads-otherwise you will be sore. Have it on the lowest setting that you can get an easy draw from and don't press too hard. It gets easier after a bit.
Thanks. Those are great tips - I sat there yesterday for the longest time just staring at my fingers & getting ready to do the prick but the anticipation just kills me.

Does it help to squeeze your finger when you prick it? I used to squeeze the area of my stomache before getting a shot in it & it seemed to help a bit, but not sure if that's just b/c of the area of the body it was on.

I eat, or try to eat, every 2 hours when I'm up & a snack before bed.
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