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I'm tired of thinking I might be pregnant.

I have not taken my mini-pill consistently in the last month or so. I haven't missed a day, but I've been late (past 3 hr mark) taking it numerous time. I've taken a couple of tests and all say negative, but as far as I know, I believe I'm supposed to get AF any moment, but it's hard to say, because last month I had spotting for a period.

I'm getting really frustrated with being frustrated. Off and on I've had cramping, bloating, lots of discharge and pink/brown spotting (last week, spotting for like a day), I've had a short fuse, in addition to feeling like I'm going to cry at times (mood swings like crazy). My nipples were sensitive for a couple of days, not in a good way lol. I've also been having overwhelming desire for relations randomly throughout the day, like the type where I want to take care of it at that moment!

I wish AF would just hurry up and visit because I'm done with all this (well aside from extra desire!)
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