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Re: Freezer cooking for a month

also, I cook 10# potatoes, make mashed potatoes, and freeze them in 1 meal size portions. Almost all soups freeze great, I do a lot of prep ingredient freezing so I can make a 'fresh' meal fast.
I've also cooked sweet potatoes, added an egg or two (to make them hold togather, you could do butter and brown sugar too), and put cookie scoop sizes in a muffin tin, stuffed a marshmallow in the middle, and froze them. Choose your portion size- small cookie scoop, mini muffin pan, mini marshmallow, or large scoop, regular muffin pan, large marshmallow.
Frozen pizzas, meatballs, ham slices/diced ham, cooked rice, pot pies (mini or regular), cookie dough, look in your local grocery store freezer section for inspiration, and use your favorite recipes!
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