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Re: Do you believe there is a link between...

I have to say, I asked my doctor about this.

She said there is some linkage between hardcore M/S and a healthy, viable pregnancy. She said that women that have higher HCG levels (a healthy pregnancy most of the time), will have worse sickness. She also said not ALL women will have morning sickness, so it isn't 100% true/accurate all the time. But she did say that m/s is linked to a healthier, more viable pregnancy in a lot of cases.

Granted, she could have just said that because I am worried about a loss, and I told her I've been super sick. But I can see how it would make a bit of sense, too.

However, there are women that have NO sickness. I had hardly any sickness with my first, and he's a happy, healthy 11 year old now. So... it can't be a for sure sign of what's to come.

ETA: With my early loss (almost 6 weeks) I had no sickness. With this one (now 12 weeks), my M/S started at 4-5 weeks.
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