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Econobums, Happy Heinys, minkys

Some dipes my dd and ds aren't using.

Blue large econobumz. This one is just not for us. This is AIO pocket actually. Almost brand new. No stains and washed with tide original only. $8ppd

Happy Heinys medium pocket snaps. This is purple with flowers. Paisley I think or I might be wrong it might be something else. In EUC no stains. Washed with tide original only. $9.50ppd without insert. Additional $1 to include insert.

3 girly minkys pocket snaps. They are OS but are smaller than the regular OS. Perfect for petite babies. No stains. EUC. $15.50ppd for all three.

I'm very sorry but I cannot upload photos using my phone. But you can give me your email address and I can email you the pics.
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