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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Welcome garness, and sorry your having such a crummy day. Or pregnancy. Maybe you can have the kids do a rest time and you can nap.

Sounds like most of the others are having a good day, so hooray!

Kristin, you'll have no luck getting me to move, lol. We just moved to a wonderful place in the country about 2 years ago. It's so pretty and peaceful, we're on 30 acres in a old farm house. It does sound like you have tons of HSing families though, which would be awesome! Also I like the ups and downs of the fall weather. There's something for everyone! And it kind of eases me into the winter. I hate it when it gets cold all the sudden and then just stays there.

Yesterday we learned about long Es, and it did not go well. Everyone was frustrated and no one wanted to was just kind of a pitiful day. We got through most of what we needed to though, and then I decided to make today a review day. It went great! We reviewed long A words, long E words, and lots of sight words and short vowel words, and then we played a game with index cards that I dubbed "sentence builders" and the kids thought that was awesome. All it boils down to is writing lots of words on index cards and having the kids arrange some into a sentence and then read it to you. It was great reading practice, and they really got a kick out of making and reading sentences like "You can lick my feet."

We also did a pattern block page and a drawing lesson, the kids really like the drawing book. I think I'm going to start part 3 of the homeschooling thread, this is getting pretty big again.
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