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Originally Posted by Alaga
Hey eBay ladies,

I bought a pair of Robeez boots for my DS on eBay. They arrived today, but we're the wrong size (listed incorrectly). They're too big for DS to wear this winter, so I'd like to return them. Do I pay return shipping even though the boots were listed incorrectly (what's ebay's policy?)? If so I might just keep them, just not worth the hassle.

FWIW, the seller is willing to refund a portion of the selling price but I really just need boots that fit. If I keep them I won't accept a refund b/c I agreed to the price and I don't think that's fair to the seller.

Thanks mamas!!

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eBay/PayPal won't make the seller pay return shipping however since its her mistake she should. I'd ask for her to.
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