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Re: Totally off topic vent

Awww Lauren I'm sorry you have to experience this right now-or at all. It is very likely with time the other two women will see you ex-friends true colours but in the mean time I would "try" to go on like she is not affecting you.

Reach out too the other two women and ask for a play date or whatever-if they decline wait a bit and try again. If they decline a second time I would let them go. If they are not mature enough to give you the benifit of the doubt and not get all "high school" about things then they probably are not people you really want to be friends with any ways.

I work at home by myself and I have yet to make friends in our neighbourhood-DH has heard me get emotional about it a few times. I have close girl friends but they live 20-30 minutes away so I usually spend Monday-Friday by myself and it can gets pretty lonely some times.

But I have faith I will connect with some other mother's soon-it's just a matter of time. If these "friends" do not work out you can also do the same-beleive that there are some other nice people out there you will meet soon.

Big hugs-I know it suchs and preggo hormones do not help!

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