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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 22nd

Hey ladies, can I join you?

Screen Name (Real Name): Carriek38 (Carrie)
Age: 33, soon to be 34
Current Children and age: Elliott, 2.5yrs
Losses: 02/12 CP, 05/12 6wks, 10/12 CP
Diagnosis: no known fertility issues, same-sex couple
Treatment and meds: Gonal F, Lupron, trigger shots, IUIx5
Next Appointment: Unknown...moving on to IVF

I figured this would be a good place to pop in. DP did fertility treatments before she got pg w/ DD, so I had that experience & support when I did my IUIs. Now we're beyond that, I'm waiting for insurance approval for IVF, & while I thought I'd be waiting until New Year to pursue it, it looks like perhaps it will move along more quickly than that. I have a love-hate relationship w/ the RE's office (CNY Fertility), a lot of anxiety about invasive treatment, and nobody who has BTDT to talk me through it.

Carissa--I'll be thinking about you today
Carrie. Wifey to F, Mama to Baby Bear, Nugget, and Teeny.

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