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Re: weight loss and low back pain

Thanks! I have seen a dr and was diagnosed with a ruptured disc and extremely tight hip flexors. I have been doing yoga off and on and I notice a big difference when I do it consistently. I get frustrated though because some of the poses I used to do are hard with my added weight. I need to push through and do the ones I can though. I know my muscles are way out of balance. The majority of my pain comes from muscle spasms that are sometimes so severe I can't walk for a couple of days.

I used to eat paleo and was at a good weight but I have never really liked meat. I stopped the meat because I generally usually eat vegetarian and I have gained 20 pounds eating veg! I know it is because I eat too many carbs even though they are true whole grains we eat. I need to go back to paleo but maybe less meat? Is it even possible to eat paleo with limited meat? We do not eat red meat at all so the meat I was eating was chicken, turkey and fish.
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