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Weaned toddler wants to nurse now that Im preggo??

Anyone else have experience with this? DS has been SELF weaned since around 11/12 months. But, recently, he has been showing a lot of interest in nursing especially if he catches a glimpse of my milk makers un covered! He will stare at them, gesture toward them, and try to sit in my lap (in the same position he used to while nursing). Im not sure if its b/c they are simply bigger/darker/more prominent and thats why he is interested, or if its something else entirely (e.g., biologically based?) .

I have no issues at all nursing him again if he shows interest once my milk actually comes in (although Im sure DH would FREAK at my nursing a 2.5 year old....but honestly I dont care , I had plans to nurse him until late into toddlerhood, but he decided to wean himself).

So, just curious if you mamas have experience with this...a toddler who has been weaned for over a year, suddenly showing renewed interest in nursing after a pregnancy.
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