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To gift or not to gift? Semi vent

A little background.

We have 4 kids and my Bil and Sil have 3. Thiers are 11, 10,6
Ours are 7,5,2,10 mos.
we have always given gifts to the kids from the time my oldest niece was born for birthday and Christmas.

Alll along they always had one more child then we did up until our almost 3 yo was born ( his bday is about a month before christmas)
The year that we had even numbers was the year they decided to not exchange christmas gifts for the kids.

I admit it pissed me off a bit but fine. The toys that they got my kids were unsafe dollar store junk ( ie a doll thats head was attached to the body with a zip tie for a 1 yo) It found its way to the garbage quickly.

We still continued to give birthday presents or cards generally spending or giving $20 to each child. All of their kids birthdays are throughout the summer and we gave to each child as normal at birthday diners at my inlaws.

My ODSs birthday is coming up this week. MIL had his birthday dinner last weekend early.

Not even so much as a card!
I am quietly fuming and unsure what to do.

Looking for some perspective.

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