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Re: To gift or not to gift? Semi vent

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
They are obviously cheap (no gift) and rude (not even a card or acknowledgment or heads up). I understand why you are upset but that wouldnt keep me from finding my own way to celebrate THEIR kids special days. Just because they are cheap or rude, doesnt mean that you have to be.

I know this is right they are kids and it's not thier fault about their parents.

It just pisses me off and adds to the long list of frustrations with DHs family.
Starting with the 5 day a week free babysitting they get when I couldnt find someone to help to go to a doctors appointment.

I almost still want to believe that it was a mistake but I know its probably not because they didn't say anything.

Most of the time I could happily disown the whole lot of them.
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