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Re: To gift or not to gift? Semi vent

I would give them the benefit of the doubt and assume financial reasons. Are there more kids on the other side of their family? We've got 2 kids on my side, but 8 on my husbands side. I can understand not buying gifts for everyone but I have to agree that no acknowledgement or card was rude. My brother has given 1 gift ever in the 11 yrs since we started having kids. No cards, no phone call, not even a facebook post! We pick kids names in DH's family for Christmas and don't shop for the adults. It's great in theory because money is tight for us. But my kids always seem to be getting extra gifts (they are the youngest in DH's family) and then some of the adults exchange. It's frustrating and embarassing after they agreed to choose names and no adult gifts. I wish they would just agree to choose adult names, or a secret santa and just stick to it. I also wish they would stop putting my 20 yr old, college student niece into the hat of "kids" names. But that's another story...
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