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mother of 4 needs prayer as going through breast cancer treatment :)

UPDATE: 1 of the 5 nodes had a 2.8 mm spot. So I started chemo nov 15. not a picnic, but not as bad as I was afraid of. So, now, please, prayers for this totally dissolving from the chemo, and never coming back! thank you wonderful moms! My littles need me here, for a LONG TIME!

hi ladies, I think you will all understand how badly I need negative lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month and a half ago. I'm 31, breastfed for 5 years of my life, had my first child at 17, no risk factors. So don't believe it can't happen to you!

Had 5 sentinal nodes removed tuesday, waiting on results. PRAYING they are negative!!! It means the difference of possibly losing my fertility, hair, and strength! As long as they are negative, I should just need a right mastectomy and targeted treatments which are not nearly so bad as chemo.

Thank you wonderful moms!

mom to #1 DS 13 #2 DS 6 #3DD 5 and rainbow baby #5 DS 1 and always remembering our angel baby #4

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