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Originally Posted by shortcake2386
ok kids are 2, 4 and 6. we do not spank

one example:
went to grocery store last night. got kids 'special' cereal(chocolate) as a treat. put it on top of the fridge. this am got up to pump. fixed kids waffles and put them on the counter(they can get the yogurt themselves). i was pumping when they woke up and told them to go eat their food, at the table. come downstairs nad somehow they got the cereal off the top of the fridge nad between the 3 of them and the dog they ate the WHOLE BOX

another example:
a few days ago i was pumping(yes they wait until im pumping) and i told ds (2) to go wash his hands in the tub and come back. next thing i know they have flooded the bathroom all 3 got IN the tub and splashed water all over the floor.

they know i am pumping and i always have stuff for them to do(show, coloring, play dough, etc) so idk why they make messes but they know until im done pumping they are "safe" and then they get time out, have to clean up their messes, etc.

how do i stop this behavior??? should i just make them sit with me while i pump until they learn to behave?
I would expect your 4 and 6 year old to know better and be better examples to the 2 year old. A good consequence would be to make them clean up the mess they made, and not allow them the privilege of eating breakfast before you're done pumping, or not allow them into the bathroom alone for a while until they can show you they can tell themselves no. I'd make them sit with you while you pump and make it super boring. When my boys do stuff like this they lose the privilege of playing together since they were not being good examples to each other. I send one to their room and one in the living room to play alone.
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