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Re: What is a natural consequence to

Thanks for the suggestions. Like Carrie said, buying lunch isn't an option and neither is no lunch. I think I will try Harmoni's idea about something not fitting, although she doesn't get "treats" (cookies, pudding, etc.) very often, so it will have to be something else. I did send her with an ugly bag today, and it did not phase her. Maybe a plastic bag; I'll have to see if I can find one for next time.

I have been there often at pick up time, and I know it can happen. That's why it wasn't a big deal in the beginning. But she's forgotten more times this year already, than last year (as a kinder) all year. Sometimes it's at school and sometimes it's on the bus (which grandma drives so she usually just takes it home with her). And I am definitely not replacing bags as she forgets, there just happens to be an old not nice looking one from odd and that's what is used when any of them forget. It is a bit irritating that all the reusable containers are in the bags she forgets, but she does eventually bring them home.

Thanks again for the suggestions!
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