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Re: Weaned toddler wants to nurse now that Im preggo??

Yes, YDD is more interested in my breasts now, and she does want to try to nurse. My DD was just 14 mos old when I got pg again and she weaned within a few wks b/c my supply died. I was so sad, and she was frustrated b/c she much preferred to nurse over eating solid foods.

She is now near 19 mos old and she has tried a couple times to nurse. I've seen her making the motions and offered the breast. She looks like she wants to, but doesn't know how. She has even half-heartedly tried, then she turns her head away and laughs. So I think it's likely that she forgot how to nurse. Babies have to put their tongues and mouth in a certain position to nurse, and once they wean, they don't need that skill anymore, so they can forget it. I know they can re-learn (a friend of mine taught her daughter under the same circumstances), but I don't know how to encourage that, and frankly, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it.

I think YDD would nurse if she could. But she just can't anymore, and I can't teach her. I would love to tandem nurse, and I miss nursing her. So it's kind of like salt in the wound that she wants to and can't.
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