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Re: interesting BC information.. For everyone..

Numbers are always interesting because there is that 'actual' column and the 'ideal' column. Hard to really find out how good anything works if you have to rely on people using things correctly Condoms work great, if you use them, I think a lot of the failures are people waiting a bit too long to put them on

My guess is most people using natural family planning are at least considering having another baby, so if they wind up pregnant a little sooner than expected, it isn't a big deal. A lot of the other 'methods' if you're using them you're really not wanting to get pregnant. I think this is where a lot of the 'oops I got pregnant sooner than I planned comes from', just not too worried if they aren't super careful and they get pregnant...

Just my thoughts But it is interesting that their are failure rates for all the methods ... just wish it could get through to some younger (or not so young!) people who fool around and figure they are safe because they have used birth control....
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