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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

When I first heard of EC I thought it was pretty "out there". I soon heard some success stories but still didn't think it was for me. Then someone showed me this article: ( about things any parent can do, even if they don't want to fully commit to EC, and they seemed like great ideas. My son is currently 13 months old. We've used the word "poop" frequently for many months so he knows what it means even though he's not really talking yet, and once he used the word when I had forgotten to change him after he pooped and stuck him in the high chair for breakfast! We got a potty about a month ago and leave it around for him to get used to and start sitting on even clothed. Once I tried taking off his diaper and putting him on the potty when I noticed him straining to poop, but I think I was too abrupt about it and he started crying. But a couple days ago I tried again and it worked! I have to distract him with a book while he sits on the potty because he looses concentration when I strip him down and move him (he's not walking yet), but after a minute or two he pooped in the potty! Yesterday I wasn't near him during pooping time, but today I saw the cues again and repeated the process, so it was pretty much 2 successes in a row! So I think we are getting on board the EC train!
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