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Re: How do you deal with earache?

OP, I'm sorry. Pardon me while I hi-jack your thread for a sec....

Originally Posted by Holly dolly View Post
Just to caution you...if the earache is due to not take it lightly! If left untreated it can cause permanent hearing loss!! I am not pro-antibiotic, but earaches/infections are not something I'm willing to mess with.

I'm not saying this ISN'T true. But I think it would have to get REALLY bad - like stuff oozing from your ear - before it got to that point. Am I right??? (genuine question)

I only ask b/c I grew up in a poor family. We had no health insurance. More than once, I can remember my ear swelling SHUT. Like, couldn't even get a Q-tip in it, it was h the touch, I could barely get a shirt on b/c the pain from just having the shirt touch my outer ear would send me into tears.... And I never had abx. Maybe once or twice. I swear I spent a good 75% of my childhood with a serious-moderate ear infection in one or both ears.

My hearing is totally fine.

so it makes me wonder how severe would it have to be to get to the point of PERMANENT hearing damage? I've heard of temporary hearing loss, when the eardrum pops from the pressure, and then it heals. But I've truly never heard of anything coming permanent coming from a run-of-the-mill ear infection, even the most painful ones.
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