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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

I have come to the conclusion, in my little world of my kiddos, that every kid is so different. I started DD on the potty at 10 months. She's now 2.5 and FINALLY taking herself consistently. (She's been pooping on the potty regularly for about a year now, it was the peeing we were struggling with.) I seriously would take her to the toilet, she'd pee, and 5 minutes later be wet. It was awful but we pushed through (I bought tons of underwear and pants and just changed her all the time) and now I'm so glad we started when we did because it was simply a matter of muscle strength I think for her. So now that she has the strength, she does everything on her own.

DS is 15 months and I've been potty-ing him since 2 weeks. He will go in the toilet sometimes, sometimes he does the exact thing your daughter does. I figure for him all I'm doing is to just keep reminding and trying when I think he needs to go, and eventually I know he will get it. He's doing a little better now that he just pushed some teeth through though. Basically anything can change a baby's behavior and sometimes the only thing we've been finding over here is that time will figure it out.

Maybe that doesn't help at all, but I figured since you only had one reply I'd throw in my two cents...
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