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Re: Christmas Crafting Ideas?

I love this thread! I need some inspiration, or some confirmation that my ideas would be good. I also need something that would be easy to mail as some of our family is coming here for Christmas, but the majority of the rest live all over the US.

Last year I crochet owl hats like this for my nieces and nephews ages 2 months- 18 years old (about 20 total) and EVERYONE loved them. Especially the 18 yead old. lol.

This year I am at a loss. I've debated making 2-3 reusable snack bags per child and filling them with treats, but I'm not sure everyone else would be as excited about it. I don't think our families are as green as we are, but if I make them with cute prints, they'd like them right? I have some college themed prints that I know the boys would love, and girls are easy. They'd be super cheap to make (cotton outer, rip stop nylon inner and velcro closure,) but might take as much as 1 hr a person if I t&t. If I could talk myself into just serging them it would be like 20 minutes a person. To put it in perspective though, last year I spent almost 2 hours on each person.

For my mom and in-laws I have made shutterfly calendars and they are well recieved, so I'm going to continue that.
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