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Re: Have you ever changed your stash?

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I had to change when my son was around 3-4 months old; he was getting rashes from PUL AND he needed stay-dry inners, so we changed to breathable fleece Preston's Pants and GADs pockets w/stay-dry, and pocket fitteds w/stay-dry inners + fleece covers.
Hijacking momentarily, where are you getting your pocket fitteds? I loved these with my now 9 year old and I can't find them anywhere! Our nighttime solution was a pocket fitted stuffed with a hemp Nighty-Newt and topped with wool! I want pocket fitteds again!

As to the question, we used a lot of different things and kept changing what we were using while we were figuring out the CD thing (I say "we" like dh was helping, but we all know it was just me,lol)! Like I said above, my youngest is 9, so this was back in 2003 that we were first buying diapers. We tried Angelwraps AIO's, super trim, but super wicking, then we tried pockets and had a TON of Happy Heiny's, but all the prints wicked. Then fitteds and interlock wool wraps (and a couple of fleece covers) ended up being our favorite, Dewdrops and Fireflies (among others) with Kiwi Pie covers.

I'll admit that the first diapers we bought were Kushies AIO's! The outside felt like really hard, crinkly plastic, it was not cool and ds maybe wore one for 20 minutes before we said no way. After that we went to FuzziBunz for a month or so before we ventured on to what I mentioned above.

This time I'm spending more time *thinking* before buying the newbie's stash. I am pretty sure I want to do fitteds and interlock wool (pull on and wrap), possibly some prefolds, which I never got the hang of last time. I like the idea simple, natural fitteds and adorable covers. But maybe a few AIO's to be trim under clothes? Eh, we'll see. I'm not a fan of complete stash overhauls because of the time involved, but we'll see what happens!
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