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Originally Posted by My_Tree_Grows

Almost all women can breastfeed full term, provided they have good information and support. Find your local La Leche League group now and start going to meetings. Keep your baby skin-to-skin with you for the majority of the time for at least the first 6 weeks. The primary determination of your ultimate supply is how much milk is removed, so keep nursing. Forget the 3 hour rule you may have heard, offer baby the breast every hour or 30 minutes or whenever you think of it, just because. If your breasts get full then your production has already slowed down. Supply dips due to limited nursing often don't show up until a few months in, by which point one really needs to work harder at fixing the situation. Focus on this priority from birth, and it will be much easier.
Thanks so much! All things I will indeed try! I have a good friend here that is breast feeding #5 so she's a fountain on knowledge as well...I want to have any and all information available to be able to he successful!
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