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Re: criminal justice

Originally Posted by umphreysmommy View Post
I said this on the first page but I don't think "the system" is turning their backs on these kids. I am sure a large majority receive medical, food stamps, day care assistance, boys and girls club, big sister/big brother, etc. there are tons of programs for at risk youth. What else would you recommend be done? The government can't go back in time and give the child a competent parent. The children with a parent in jail and not receiving services is because they have a stable other parent or caregiver to step in....

I guess I still don't even get what you are saying either. It isn't fair to the kids because their parent is in jail so the system needs to change? What about kids whose moms or dad's die? Does the system step in to help them? That isn't fair. What about the kids born with severe disabilities? That isn't fair? Life isn't fair and everyone has to try and do the best with the cards they are dealt. There is no Santa that will come and right all the worlds wrongs.
Yes, that's what I'm saying. I'm saying that the criminal justice system has harmful effects, and it/we should acknowledge that fact, and design a solution to it. This bad thing that it does should be part of the conversation we have about justice.

The criminal justice system is shaped like this because we shape it. It's designed this way because we design it. It isn't life. It's a social institution over which we have full control.
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