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Re: criminal justice

I agree with all the pps, but I think(?) I also see what Jan's mum is trying to say. There is a cycle at play that obviously needs to be broken. I can understand how someone with little experience with the legal system could think one way, and people with that experience could feel jaded instead. I think these children are in need of emotional support. Once heard that children whose parents went to jail had a fifty percent chance of doing the same. Why is this? If it is because of lack of mentor type influence, maybe we need to make sure there are more programs like big brothers/sisters. Is it because they idealized the parents? Maybe there should be programs that let the kids see the victims and impact of their parents crimes? Maybe counseling should be more available.

Of course some of these programs may be accessible and I don't know. Also I have seen many instanceswhere non violent offenders are shown tenancy when they have children to care for. It's usually after multiple arrests that they do jail time, but again I know that isn't always the case.
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