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Re: Totally off topic vent

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
Thanks for the support and advice!

Yes, I really should just go outside with my kids whenever I want. I can't let my neighbors scare me off. I am friendly and wave to them, and do try to be neighborly on FB, so I'm trying to extend the olive branch.

I feel much better today. It's amazing how those hormones can throw a pregnant mama through a loop! I go back and forth between feeling depressed and feeling like, "oh, #^*% them."

This drama is exactly why my closest friends have usually been guys. Girls can be so mean!
i totally understand! i only had one girlfriend in high school and i was called a slut and such because all of my friends were guys. i've found out in my adulthood that if i'm friends with ladies that are about 5-10 yrs older than me we're about on the same maturity level. maybe you could give that a try?
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