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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

4 years ago I did EC and Bum Genius. I got by with 15 diapers for her entire diaper stage.
If I was washing all of them, and ran out, then she went naked or in a disposable -gasp!
Whatever works for you is the best! My goal was just to get out of diapers before 2, and we were in underwear (that was always too big and had to be tailored or homemade) by 17 months.
My second time around I might not do so much EC, as I don't anticipate having as much time to spend in the bathroom, like I did when I had one.
I like Bum Genius, but have discovered there are many less bulky versions out there now like: Tots Bots, Rumarooz, and Bumkins. I am getting used to the no pocket concept, just an insert laid in the cover, we'll see how that works out.
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