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Re: Gemini or Beco Butterfly II???

I rented from and tried the BB2, Gemini, Pikolo (sp?) and borrowed the ergo. The ergo just didn't work for my body. Everyone is different. Some love it. For me my back hurt in one specific spot.

The buckles at the shoulder on the BB2 and having the fabric panel on my chest drove me crazy. They are just another step that I didn't like fussing with. It just didn't seem to line up right on my body and when I sat with carrier still atatched to me like when I went to drive the panel rode up into my chin. The Gemini just flapped down and wasn't in my way. Again some love it but it just wasn't for me.

The pikolo straps weren't very comfy. Too thin I think.

I also tried my sister Boba and felt it cut into me under my armpits but I have not tried a Boba 3G.

The Gemini was just right for us. Folded up and down like an ergo, no infant insert needed, could cross straps or just do clip like ergo. It was the most comfortable for me. I have since graduated to other kinds of wraps and carriers. I have a Toddler Tula. Which is an awesome SSC option as well. I love the Tula and guess I would have loved it in a standard infant size as well if I knew about it a year ago. They are newer to the "scene." We got both our Gemini and Toddler Tula at as well. Good luck. If you can try them on somewhere or rent them it totally helps. But I know about 6 friend who got the Gemini and love it cuz its so comfy.

Check out all the buckled carriers here including Becos, Bobas and Tulas.
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