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Im a radiologist in training, and yes, as a pp said this fracture usually happens with a "difficult birth". But it will definitely need 2-3 weeks to heal, and request an x ray to make sure it is healed. Your baby should be fine you will feel the callus for several weeks after that, it might seem huge to you but it will smoothen with time and disappear!
the bone is so soft at that age, it does only break partially, and bend nicely.

(My DD had a green stick fracture
Of her clavicle at 10months, it healed in 2-3weeks, then had an x ray to confirm it was healed. Now 3weeks later she still has a small bump (the callus) and it still gets smaller and smaller, and no complication whatsoever.)

Don't worry too much, and enjoy your baby! It'll be fine

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