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Re: My newborn's clavicle is broken

My baby (who is now verging on age 2) was 10lbs 7oz at birth. His shoulders were stuck during delivery (shoulder dystocia) and as a result he also had a broken clavicle. The pediatrician said he would heal completely since he's so young and he did!
He really didn't have any problems from it, I think it may have been sore, but it seemed to quickly heal. Don't feel guilty, it's not your fault. I hope all is well with your sweet little guy. Enjoy him!

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
He's 10 days old. Today, I noticed a boney feeling lump on his shoulder. My husband is a physical therapist (not working with children through) and said it wasn't normal and looked like he probably had a broken clavicle (collar bone). I took him to the pediatrician and we got an x-ray. Sure enough, it's broken. We assume it happened at birth but since he has showed no pain or other symptoms it went unnoticed. The lump is from it healing.

I feel so awful and guilty and...embarrassed. He was 9lbs 1oz, much bigger than my other babies. I feel like I ate too much, grew him too big and then broke his clavicle when I pushed him out. I'm devastated! My poor baby.

Any other moms who had this happen feel this way? If your child got an obvious bump from it, did it go away over time? My husband thinks it may not go away, but he doesn't work with children and knows his experience is with adults. The dr said it probably would because he is so young, but maybe not completely. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks for listening/reading.
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