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Re: Teach me how to be a better parent to my toddler. I'm failing miserably.

Originally Posted by starbeam View Post
I know this is kind of silly, but I think that watching SuperNanny is one of the greatest things. My cousin, who I watch often as his dad is pretty much absent and completely dysfunctional, is 4 years old and I use her methods with him and they work very well. There is also a book about her methods. It is just nice to relax and watch some TV and watch other people with kids who are a little out of control, because it makes you laugh and not feel so alone, plus her methods are EXCELLENT

My DH is a psychotherapist and uses 1-2-3 Magic with his clients and brought home a DVD last week called "Painless Parenting" in the same series. It is geared for parents of toddlers. Not sure if he was trying to tell me something ...
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