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Re: Teach me how to be a better parent to my toddler. I'm failing miserably.

We got one of these for each child as well (asked for it from grandparents for Christmas last year).

It is a combo CD/radio/clock/ipod player. I turn the CD player on as I leave their bedroom at nap and nighttime and thry get so happy about the music that they usually stay put.

I play a 1-hour CD for my older kiddos during the little ones' nap time--they have to stay in their rooms until the CD turns off, but they can play and read in their with the door closed.

I also set the alarm clock to start the CD at 7:00am--bedore that, they were getting up earlier and earlier every morning. Now I just remind them before bed, "You can get up to go potty or if you have a bad dream, but otherwise stay in your room until the music comes on tomorrow".

I learned the hard way to keep it up on a high shelf--my 5-yr-old broke his the first day just messing with it.
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