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Re: New Boba Air?

Hi All,

I am bumping this thread to add my preliminary review of this carrier. I just got it this week and I have only tried it around the house so far.

I ordered from paxbaby and they shipped it superfast. It comes in a little pouch about 4x10 maybe? Very lightweight and comes open easily then the pouch becomes a pocket in the front of te carrier. Also you can stuff it back in without folding but I find a little quick rolling makes it go in more nicely. Easily fits in my purse and weighs .7 lbs.

My dd is 26.5 lbs and 13 mos. We usually use a Babyhawk Oh Snap. In a front carry, something on the straps or buckles seems to dig in a bit on my shoulders. I will try again later to see if I can adjust better but so far not as comfy as the Oh Snap and I wouldn't use for a long time in a front carry with a a baby as big as dd. Maybe just to nurse or get to sleep quickly. I think I do better with crossing straps for my body type as the BB2 is not a great it for me either.

Back carry is better. Once adjusted and spread out, I think it is almost as comfy as the Oh Snap and I could wear her a while like this. The straps and waist have to be spread out a bit like a wrap since there is no padding. Also seems like she needs to be tightened up a lot to get good support. The first time I put her on my back I did a hip scoot from the front and it was difficult to get the waist spread out comfortably. The next time I put the carrier on first and made sure it was snug and smooth on my hips and that was better.

The body of the carrier is lower than the Oh Snap so dd pulls her arms out some. The snap up hood that is attached offers a decent amount of support though so I am thinking it could go up to keep her from flopping while asleep.

Overall it is a nice carrier- a few tradeoffs in comfort and ease of use for the convenience of it being so light and packable. I am still trying to decide if I will take this as our only carrier for a week and a half in Mexico or if it is worth hauling the Oh Snap along. I will try it mre and update my review if needed.

I should note that dd doesn't settle in it quite as well but it may just take some getting used to.

I have never tried the regular Boba carrier so I can't compare it to that.

Hope this helps anyone considering the Boba Air!
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