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Re: Homeschooling?

I signed my 1st grader up for it for this school year. We got all of the materials and even did a few lessons online. The materials were AMAZING. It was 3 boxes of stuff: books, manipulatives, art supplies, music supplies. etc... It weighed 80lbs altogether and was probably $2k-$3k worth of materials. I did like how the lessons were set up online, as well.

How it worked for my daughter was she had to do a certain number of hours in each subject per week. The lessons were in a powerpoint format online, but the actual work was in the book or with the manipulatives. She would have to speak with her teacher on the phone once per week, or we could call/e-mail if we had questions. It was basically like we were homeschooling her but with outside support.

The downsides were that we obviously did not get to pick the curriculum, so if you are one to want something more un-traditional you might not like the curriculum. We loved it though. And, the hours were equivalent to a public school but at home, whereas most homeschoolers finish their lessons quicker because of the one on one environment. But because this is a public school you have to align with the required hours for each subject designated for public schools by the state you live in.

We only did it with her for about a week, but it wasn't because we didn't like the program. Our situation changed a bit and I was unable to devote the time to being her coach so I ended up enrolling her in the brick and mortar public school down the street. If things had not changed we would still be using k12 and if things calm down a bit in the future I could definitely see us going back.
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