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Re: Leappad ?

I would not get a leappad or innotab. I would get a regular android tablet (Galaxy 7", Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, or Nook tablet) or the ipad mini. I'd also buy a strong cover for it.

The cartridges for those things are $20-25 each, and the apps range from $5 for worthless apps to $15 for semi-useful apps. The cost adds up fast! By the time you buy 3-4 of the game cartridges for the leappad or innotab, you could have gotten a regular tablet and a TON of free/lowcost apps.

Kids also outgrow those kid tablets really fast. A regular andriod tablet/ipad mini will grow with them. If you really want a kid-specific tablet, I'd look at the kids' android tablets before getting a leappad/innotab.

ETA: My kids have been playing on ipod touches since they turned 2. It works great for them, but I wish the screens were bigger. If the 7" tablets had been avail then, I would have pushed for those instead.
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