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Re: Homeschooling?

We are doing it and I hate it.
I have zero control over what my kid is learning, I just have to follow their program. And I don't love the curriculum. Then there are all the things they require of us...she is supposed to be online for the virtual classroom 3 mornings a week, plus a meeting on Mondays, plus "conferences" every month. Oh, and we're supposed to log 6.5 hours of school every day. That is waaaaaaay too much time for me to sit down and do their curriculum with my Kindy girl. It doesn't FEEL like homeschooling. It feels like I'm tied down to all these requirements and commitments.

And don't even get me started on what it is like with a kid that requires an IEP. That part has been nothing short of hair pulling frustration. They are currently out of I.D.E.A. compliance with my kid, and don't even realize it. They have ignored my written request for an IEP meeting (probably because their workload is obscene and we have slipped through the cracks) which is illegal. We are already making alternative plans for next year.
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