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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I came back to see what other people thought

All these pictures are of adorable kids...but I don't understand the appeal of long hair on a little boy, I do think it makes them look more like girls. Is it b/c giving a haircut to a toddler is PURE MISERY? LOL!
Because it's unnecessary, and if they don't want it cut, it's not my choice. It's their hair. I try not to force them to do anything that isn't really necessary for their health or learning responsibility/how to live. It just seems silly to me. I guess I ask the opposite question of yours: what's the point of cutting it?

My oldest asked for a haircut at 5, he really wanted a mohawk, so he got it. I'm not a big fan of it, and put it off for a bit But ultimately, it's not my hair and it looks presentable. My middle asked around 4 and he has a pretty traditional cut, but a little longer....they didn't use the clippers on him.

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