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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I came back to see what other people thought

All these pictures are of adorable kids...but I don't understand the appeal of long hair on a little boy, I do think it makes them look more like girls. Is it b/c giving a haircut to a toddler is PURE MISERY? LOL!
I can't speak for everyone but I let my kids do whatever they want with their hair. It is their hair so they can wear it however they want as long as they keep it clean and reasonably well groomed. I will brush it and wash it (up to a certain age) but if they fight me on it then the clippers come out and we discuss a new, easier to maintain cut. When my oldest was a baby my family kept on about how important that first hair cut was as a milestone so before his first birthday we were off to the salon to get the cut. He had a lot of hair and it was a significant cut. Well he screamed like some one was killing him, I mean like bad enough that people came from the other side of the building (it is a set of suites with individual hair stylists and nail technicians, my mom has been going there for years) to see what was happening. After it was done it took him a good 30minutes to calm down. 4 months later he needed another cut so back we went but it was worse. Each time we took him for a cut it just got worse until finally I couldn't take it anymore and I just said enough, between the screaming during the cut and the hour it was now taking to calm him down after it wasn't worth it. About that time he was diagnosed with SPD and his OT told us that for him getting a haircut was like having a part of his body cut off, he couldn't understand why we were torturing him. We let him grow it out until he was 7.5 and a teacher pressured him in to cutting it because "you can't be a boy if you have long hair." He got it cut and cried he hated it so much. He is growing it out again but he will now tolerate me trimming it anyway. I said I would never go through that again so I didn't cut Tharen's hair until he wanted it done.

To be honest I just don't see the big deal about hair. I had my head shaved forever because I hate hair. I have a mohawk and bangs right now. My parents made me wear my hair long my entire childhood and when I was 17 I just couldn't take it anymore. I shaved it all off. I haven't had long hair since. I don't want my kids to hate their hair like I do or have weird issues like that. I figure it is just hair and they should be able to do what they want with it.
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