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Re: toddler boys with long hair...cut the bangs or let it all grow?

Personally, it is the rare toddler boy that has long hair that doesn't look like a girl to me. I like my little boy to look like a little boy. Babies don't have long hair, so I've never understood the whole "i can't cut it, he'll look all grown up" thing YK? We keep DS's trimmed every other month or so, and he looks adorable. He likes going for a hair cut, we take him to a small place that is similar to cookie cutters in that they have the toy cars, TV's, etc and do a great job. He moves all over the place in the car and they just move with him.

It's obviously your personaly preference. But yes, he does look like a girl with the length of the hair and the way you've got it tied back...if that doesn't bother you though, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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