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Need help with shoes...

Ds2 has some kind of weirdness on his feet. Kind of like callouses, with red in them. Puffy and firm, but not blisters and they don't seem painful. They are on the inside heel and ball of his foot and big toe, on both feet. They've been there for a couple weeks so I took him to the doctor today to make sure it wasn't a fungus or something. We didn't see our usual doc, and this one was nice enough. She seems to think its from his shoes since the rash is on both feet and in the same spots. It's odd because ds doesn't wear shoes often. Usually only in the store a few times/week. Not at home and not in the car. And he's had these shoes since August.

So all that to say I guess we need new shoes. Ds has wide feet... His current shoes are stride rite, regular style soles since he's been walking so long. Any suggestions for different shoes? maybe something semi soft soled? He needs waterproof since we live in Oregon. And they need to be wide.

Or any other ideas on the rash/callous?
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