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Hi!! Ironically I checked this today even though I haven't for at least a month. It's so nice I hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your having PCOS. I'm glad it hasn't caused you fertility issues but I'm sure there are plenty of other issues that can be hard. I hope the cleanse helps!!

Well honestly we have all been sick (mostly me) on and off since my last post here. I also had to have a breast biopsy for a lump I found but it was benign. Thank goodness! its been sort of a miserable fall season so far. I hope the rest of it shapes up soon.

DD is quite talkative too!! I am so surprised by it all because my son had serious speech delays and still has a bit of difficulty so I had no idea how "normal" speech develops. It's pretty amazing the one word she does NOT want to say is "mama" though. I know it will come. I'm excited! Trying to be patient.

Hope you have a great weekend. Maybe we can revive the thread a little, even if its just us. Lol thanks for checking in.
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