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Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3

Originally Posted by foggierbard9 View Post
We are doing MFWK and we just finished week 7(letter U). They start teaching blends in week 6, but with the focus on short vowels/blending consonant and vowel and CVC words. It seems to teach the reading very slowly thus far. We don't really use the classical CD because I forget about it every week. We usually do the "book day" every day, and finish the units is 5 days instead of 5. I think we will use the art book next year in 1st grade, but I can't say for sure.

We are going to see how the teaching of phonics/reading goes but I am planning on adding in All About Reading once we save the money to afford it.
I should have been more specific. I know they teach short vowel/consonant blends. But as far as I've seen they don't really have a section that teaches just consonant blends at the beginning or ends of words. Like "pl" in plan. Or "sh" in fish. We also do books everyday, and always always forget about the classical music CD. Since we don't do the CD, we don't use the color book of instruments either (We're in first grade, not K). We have used the Come Look With Me Book once, maybe twice, but I tend to forget about it also. They say to do those on exploration day, but they aren't really scheduled in the TM so I don't remember. I'm hoping the new 1st grade teachers manual will include them for when my next one is at that age. We do use the drawing with children book--the kids love that!
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