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Help me critique my stash.....

My baby is due in December. Its a boy this time.
For newborn sizes I have:

1 dozen orange edge organic cotton prefolds
6 orange edge workhorse diapers
2 xs sandy's fitteds
6 KL0s
3 newborn nanna's bottoms AIOs
3 AIOs that I made (may not fit very well....first attempts)
SO 12 prefolds, 14 fitteds and 6 AIOs.

10 various PUL covers
4-5 wool covers that may fit newborn to small size

DO I need any more newborn diapers?

for size small I have:
1 dozen infant size prefolds
6 yellow edge workhorse fitteds
3 Kissaluv size 1
3 infant size cricketts diapers

And maybe 5 small PUL covers.

What else should I get for size small?

I have some mediums and large, but can worry about those later, right.
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