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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by hawkeyegirl2003 View Post
I guess everyone has the right to their own viewpoint, but as a nurse I've seen babies die from GBS sepsis. GBS isn't a "nasty" bug for mom, but there is definite evidence out there to support intrapartum antibiotics because it is deadly to babies that contract it when they are exposed. Anyone has the right to refuse, though. I would personally never take that kind of risk with my child's life.
Gbs is not always contracted to babies born to gbs + moms. And of the babies who have issues with it, a very small amount of those die. I, of course, feel terrible for any family who loses a baby, but I don't think blanketly pumping all gbs + moms full of abx, creating a whole different set of problems, is a good solution.

Originally Posted by steph410 View Post
having a baby who gets thrush from antibiotics is really no comparison to a baby DYING from gbs. antiobiotics during labor is the only thing that has been proven to significantly lower the risk of baby getting gbs. i don't believe any of the other options mentioned here (hibiclens) are things a doctor would in good conscience recommend.
The reason none of the other options are endorsed by the majority of ob's is not b.c they are ineffective. It's b.c big pharmaceutical companies will not research these things b.c there's not enough money in it for them. And also b.c there is a lot of pressure on main stream American doctors to conform to the norm.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I can see it pretty clearly that the way the current system is set up, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies dictate what treatments a doctor is permitted to offer. So it's far from shocking to me that doctors are limited in the kinds of treatment they offer. It's the same reason a doctor will give a patient with chronic heartburn a script for prilosec, instead of advising them to change their diet, the same reason doctors give patients iv fluids instead of a few cups of water... inexpensive treatments are not ineffective, they're just not expensive enough to pad anyone's pocket, so no one "recommends" them....

MOST babies born to mothers who test positive for gbs will not become ill. One in 200 will. And of those, the mortality rate is 5-15%. So half a percent get ill, and of that half a percent 5-15% will die.

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