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Originally Posted by KatrinaLoves

The commissary is the WORST. I bought 20 $5off RTF coupons on eBay, and have used several of them the last 2 weeks at various stores. Tried using them at the commissary yesterday, and discovered that they apparently say "limit one per transaction". Okay, no problem. I'll split it into 4 different transactions real quick.
Nope. They told me I had to go to different registers for 4 separate transactions from 4 different checkers. With 2 suddenly screaming babies. On pay day.
Thankfully the 2nd checker was more flexible, but sheesh.
And the first checker even gave me attitude for me asking her to void 3 of the 4 bottles after she wouldn't accept the coupons together, as if i was being petty or cheap... It would have been like $25 extra! :eyeroll:
That's annoying!
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