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Originally Posted by cassie.sattler
well owen just turned four months 3 days ago. i thought i would ebf until 6 months like recommended then attempt blw. he has at least doubled in weight since birth. he seems really interested when people eat. he isnt drooling so much and holds his head up well. he doesnt sit on his own yet. i was curious one day to see if he liked my green smoothie i made and i gave him a pea size amount. he didnt thrust it back out. i dont want to rush anything but it makes me wonder is he is ready :/

Just give him a spoon and a dish to play with at mealtimes. EBF is still best as long as possible, and most kids don't really "eat" until a year or later. Sure, you can give them foods and they'll suck on them and practice chewing, but they don't really want to eat, they want to copy you. The more breast milk the better, don't rush solids when there's no nutritional reason.
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