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Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
Is it too late for me to join in? LOL I'm homeschooling/unschooling my oldest, but my middle goes to a private school now. It's a long story, but basically different kids, different needs. This last week was very lazy. Monday was our homeschool group, Tuesday and Wednesday she did her head of the class curriculum and read chapters of The Hobbit for her literary study class. We made caramel apples and went to the pumpkin farm. DD2 had off today and yesterday so we were pretty lazy.
Our local library is doing a thing next week for The Hobbit, as the movie is coming out in December. My son is bummed because the event is only for teens, and my oldest is interested in going, but is iffy on reading the book. I love the book and have been trying to get my kids interested, but so far I've not had any luck.
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