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Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
I should have been more specific. I know they teach short vowel/consonant blends. But as far as I've seen they don't really have a section that teaches just consonant blends at the beginning or ends of words. Like "pl" in plan. Or "sh" in fish. We also do books everyday, and always always forget about the classical music CD. Since we don't do the CD, we don't use the color book of instruments either (We're in first grade, not K). We have used the Come Look With Me Book once, maybe twice, but I tend to forget about it also. They say to do those on exploration day, but they aren't really scheduled in the TM so I don't remember. I'm hoping the new 1st grade teachers manual will include them for when my next one is at that age. We do use the drawing with children book--the kids love that!
The K book tells me to use the CD but since it is listed on day 6 and we tend to skip that day I forget about it every time.

I was wondering what/how phonics were continued in the 1st grade curriculum...this makes me lean even more towards adding the all about reading/spelling to our plans for next year.

I am starting to think that DS might need glasses but just for reading type activities. The Ped said he has 20/20 vision, but I am noticing him rubbing his eyes and really trying to focus on stuff when he is writing/reading his copy work. I am thinking he may have 20/20 vision at a distance but that up close he is having trouble.
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